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== Description Open Course ==
== Description Open Course ==
=== 'Wordt gegeven door ===
=== Teacher ===
Brigit Lichtenegger
Brigit Lichtenegger
=== Short description module ===
=== Short description module ===

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Description Open Course


Brigit Lichtenegger

Short description module

In this Open Course we are aiming to create 360° video.

The goal of this module is to create a rig for the school, and learn about what it takes and means to shoot 360°. Ultimately it would be great to use this video for our Oculus Rift.

WARNING: This is not a prefab course with a guarantee for success, as it is experimental in nature.

We need a small group of ambitious students that are not only interested in creating a 360° video, but are willing to get dirty getting a grip on how to actually make it work.

Extended description module

In this course we use the 3D-printer to create a rig that holds 6 gopro cameras. With the rig in place, we’ll need to figure out how to film with these cameras simultaneously. Once we have the footage we will deal with lensdistortion, color correction, and stitching the 6 images to 1 image. Once we manage that, we will be able to create immersive video for oculus rift, or miniworlds.

Learning Objectives

use a 3D-printer for creating a rig learn what it takes to shoot beyond the standard format create your own tools


Weeks 1 and 2:

– we are going to figure out how to build a rig that will hold 6 gopro cameras, most likely using a 3d printer.

Week 3:

– with the rig in place we have to figure out the best way to film with these cameras simultaneously.

Week 4:

– once we have the footage we’ll have to learn the best way of stitching the 6 videos together, and most likely we’ll have to deal with syncing the video, lens distortion, and color correction.

Week 5:

– now that we have our 360° video, we can create mini worlds, or immersive videos for Oculus Rift; the time is there to experiment with the new possibilities!


Work in a group.


http://www.jonasginter.de/360-grad-video-mit-6-gopro-kameras/ http://thefulldomeblog.com/2014/03/06/360-video-fundamentals/ http://www.kolor.com/blog-en/2014/03/04/release-360-video-player-kolor-eyes-desktop-1-1-with-oculus-rift-3d-support/



For who

Students should either have a good understanding of 3D-modelling and 3D-printing, or be familiar with advanced video techniques.

Work in Progress

Printing the Rig

Handling the cameras

Stitching the footage