Arduino basics 1: Hello World

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Simon de Bakker

Workshop wordt gegeven


Korte beknopte omschrijving inhoud workshop

This is the very first introduction to the Arduino platform. If you want to start using the Arduino, but are not sure where to start: this is the place! During this 3-hour introductory workshop you will learn what an Arduino and microcontroller are, and how you may start using them. Omschrijving inhoud workshop

In this workshop we learn the very basics of using an Arduino.

We will cover what Arduino’s are, and microcontrollers in general. How do they differ from your computer? Next, we will set up and explore the Arduino environment. By making some simple examples, you will make your first steps into the world of microcontrollers and the Arduino. Leerdoelen
 - you know what an Arduino is and how it differs from your laptop

- you can setup the Arduino environment

- you can understand and execute simple examples

Voor wie?

Anyone who wants to start using the Arduino or microcontrollers in general


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