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Hololens Hololens.png A wireless Augmented reality head-mounted display that works with windows 10.
GearVR Gearvr 2.jpg A wireless virtual reality head-mounted display that uses Samsung S6+ smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Galaxys7edge.jpg Samsung smartphone compatible with the GearVR virtual reality headset and Gear 360 camera.
Gear 360 Camera Gear360.jpg 360 camera compatible with GearVR virtual reality headset and Samsung S6+ smartphones.
Ricoh Theta V Theta.png A 360° VR Camera.
HTC Vive Vive.jpg Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display with position tracking and controllers.
Oculus Quest Oculusquest.JPG A standalone virtual reality head-mounted display.
Oculus Rift Rift 1724.JPG A virtual reality head-mounted display.
Kinect Ic51 kinect.jpg A camera with depth image, useful for tracking motion and gestures
Intel RealSense Depth Camera Realsense.png A Depth Camera for machine vision (like Kinect).
Raspberry Pi PiTFT.jpg A linux-based computer the size and cost of a matchbox (almost...)
Arduino Arduino316.jpg A user-friendly programmable chip that makes working with hardware fun & easy
MaKeyMaKey Makeymakey.jpeg Turn anything into a button! (for instance making banana-piano's)
KeyWiz Keywiz.jpg A keyboard emulator, useful for controlling software in any way you can think of.
LittleBits Link=About Little Bits Prototyping with electronics was never this easy!
OpenKnit Link=About the Knitting Machine An open source knitting machine built by students
Monitor Speakers Krk rokit monitor speakers.jpg For stereo or quadraphonic setups
Beamers Beamersimage.jpg Beamers at the Station.