Making a video installation with Raspberry Pi

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Prepare the SD card

This procedure works for Raspberry PI 3 and Zero.

Download the image

Download etcher

Use Etcher to flash the SD card with the image

Configure raspberry pi for videolooping

connect raspberry pi to a screen and keyboard + mouse then plug in the power.

When Raspberry starts up press esc, ctrl+d or ctrl+c to escape the looping video.

To get into graphic interface type “startx” and hit Enter

insert a USB stick with your video

Go to “File Manager”

Search for your video in folder /media/root/PEN_FAT32

Copy your video and place it in /home/pi/video-sync-loop/videos

Go back to the folder video-sync-loop and edit video-sync.config

adjust the configuration so that it says playback_mode=loop

Name the video in Video_filename=yourvideoname

save the file

restart the Pi and your video should automatically start looping

configure raspberry pi for syncing

setup wifi host … master slaves