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[[File:OpenKnit.jpg|thumb|Wally120, the open source knitting machine]]
=== Warning ===
=== Warning ===

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Make sure you know what you're doing. Read this warning first. As a precaution, always use the OpenEEG on a laptop that's NOT conneted to the power supply.

How to set up OpenEEG & BrainBay on OS X

You can run the Brainbay Software on your Macbook using WINE (A Windows Emulator)

  • install FTDI drivers for Mac
  • install XQuartz
  • install WINE (Either development or Staging edition)
  • download Brainbay Windows Setup
  • Start Wine and run wine Setup_brainbay.exe and install somewhere where you can find it, for instance on the desktop
  • Connect the OpenEEG. Create a symbolic link for the comport in ~/.wine/dosdevices (see here)
  • Run wine brainbay.exe. Open a template and use COM1 on baud 57600

Using the electrodes

Electroid positions