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Sensor shield with gas sensor attached

The data logger is a grovepi+ shield with attached:

  • a grove sensor
  • a grove OLED 128x64 display
  • a GPS USB dongle

The PI can be powered by a USB power bank.
Note: When using a Raspberry PI A or B (not B+) the sudden current draw may cause the powerbank to shutdown. Quickly unplugging an plugging back in can help. If not, remove the grove shield, plug in the powerbank and attach the shield. From B+ and up this problem does not occur.

As soon as the datalogger is booted (can take a while) the OLED screen will show something similar as:
GPS disconnected
It shows the following:

  • type of sensor
  • GPS status
  • sensor data

If the GPS is switched on (blue led on the GPS dongle is on) the display will show the following: GPS disconnected
The last line will show the actual time in UTC and the GPS status shows either if it is waiting for a GPS fix or (when the blue light on the GPS is blinking) the LAT and LON coordinates of the last received message.

Sound Sensor: A0

Moist Sensor: A0

Temperature & Humidity: D4

Gas Sensor MQ-9: A0


Air Quality Sensor: A0

UV Sensor: A0

OLED Display 128x64: I2C-1