Setting up the Monitor Speakers

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KRK Rokit Monitor Speakers
Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer
Minijack to chinch cable
TRS ("Jack") Cable
EURO Power cable

This article describes how to set up the KRK Monitor Speakers on the Interaciton Station, in eather a stereo (2-speaker) or quadrophonic (4-speaker) setup.

Stereo Setup

  1. Connect the Monitor Sepakers to the power with the Euro cables. First, make sure they are switched off! Leave them off for now.
  2. Connect the Mixer to the power source with the accompanying power supply.
  3. Connect 2 TRS Cables to the "Main Out" on the mixer. Connect the other sides to the TRS input on the monitor speakers.

Quadrophoic Setup

This will be added later. For now, you can contact Thomas in the interaction station.