Capacitive sensing - trigger sound in MaxMsp

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Capacitive sensing and Arduino

Making a simple capacitive sensor is easy with Arduino, even without the use of any external breakouts. Using the Capacitive Sensor library we can make a cap sensor using two ardino pins.




When Arduino talks to Max


Max Msp

Max is a visual programming language for sound and multimedia. Max connects objects with virtual patch cords to create interactive sounds, graphics, and custom effects. You can use Max's serial communications to interface with electronic sensors, motors, and other components using your Arduino board.

Find Max here [1]
Max is installed on the computers at the academy, so you can use and explore it.

Trigger audio with Arduino and Max

In the first example, we will use our capacitive sensor and Arduino to send data to Max trough serial communication. Then we will use the data we receive from the sensor to trigger sounds.

Find and download our examples HERE:)