Part 1

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Some contextualizing works

anti-drawing machine

Ghost box




Drink me fountain

Music box




A sound mural

sound forest

Little Bits

what are the little bits

Bare boards / sound interface

The board

close up

the kickstarter project

Kitchen drums

The bare board

Interactive sound wall

Changing the sounds of the board

Exercises / make it your own

Ok, or less than an hour you will create your own interactive installation.
You can work alone or in groups. You can either make an instrument interface or go in the direction of storytelling.

You can use the conductive paint to create drawings, or paint over surfaces, or search for and select conductive objects throughout the academy. Use those as the triggers.
Changing the sounds of the board Follow this guide to change the sounds of the boards
You can use your own sounds, or download mp3 files from freesound Files can be converted by VLC or online, in case they are not in mp3 format.

Setting up your Touch Board with the Arduino Installer

Tutorial here

Making Distance Sensors: trigger the Touch Board with proximity

Proximity sensor

Hold electrode to play sound / Play only when touched


Download this library

Polyphonic Playback

Bare touch board with Soundplant