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A VR headset that works without an extra computer.It track's the physical space through six cameras inside the headset. Comes with two handheld controllers.

Oculus Quest on Wikipedia

How to transfer files (e.g. movies) to the Quest

  • 1. On Windows, the Quest will appear as a device. On Mac, install Android File Transfer to access the Quest
  • 2. If the Quest does not appear, or Android File Transfer is not able to access it, deactivate Developer Mode:
    • With Oculus Connect App on iPhone/Android, login with Interaction Station Account (ask at the Station)
    • Select the right Oculus Device
    • More Settings -> Developer mode -> disable
  • 3. To run custom build apps/games, re-enable developer mode on the device!

Oculus Quest and Unity

You can easily get started making your own project for the Quest.

1. Make sure to use the latest stable version of Unity, downloaded at https://unity3d.com/
2. Download and import the Oculus Integration plugin from the Unity Asset Store.
3. Set your build preferences to Android, in Player-Settings enable VR support and add Oculus
4. Drag and drop the OVRPlayerControler prefab from the Prefabs folder into your scene.
5. Build your world!
6. Set Oculus Quest in Developer Mode, connect it to your Computer and build Android App.