Arduino basics 2: PWM orchestra

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Simon de Bakker Workshop wordt gegeven


Korte beknopte omschrijving inhoud workshop

This is the second of the Basic Arduino workshops.

PWM is a technique that can be used for many purposes, including changing the intensity of light, making things move and generating sound. In this workshop we will make an orchestra using objects we can control using PWM.

Omschrijving inhoud workshop

In this 3-hour workshop we will introduce pulse width modulation. PWM is a versatile and constant recurring technique with many purposes. We will see what PWM is and why it is so useful.

In the second part of the workshop you will use this technique to create an orchestra. The orchestra will be built using at least servo motors and small speakers, but other items may be used as well.

 - you can explain what PWM is and why it is useful

- you can use the Arduino to generate a PWM signal and use it to change the intensity of light, control a servo moter and/or generate a sound.

Voor wie?

Anyone interested, but Arduino Basics 1 or similar experience is required.


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