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Bibliotecha is a framework to facilitate the local distribution of digital publications within a small community. It relies on a microcomputer running open-source software to serve books over a local wifi hotspot. Using the browser to connect to the library one can retrieve or donate texts. Bibliotecha proposes an alternative model of distribution of digital texts that allows specific communities to form and share their own collections.

Bilibliotecha was born during the Free Libraries for Every Soul Hackathon in studio Monnik, Utrecht, part of the Impakt Festival.

FIND more and download SD image on bibliotecha's webpage [1]




Bibliotecha’s workshops are centered on implementing from the ground up Bibliotecha nodes. The workshop introduces Bibliotecha’s essential architecture, the open-source software it relies upon, such as Calibre, Lighttpd and hostapd, as well as Unix/Linux fundamental concepts such as the shell interface, SSH protocol, Linux software repositories. At the end of the workshop each (group of) participant(s) will complete a Bibliotecha node, ready to distribute electronic books. Participants with all levels of knowledge are welcomed. You just need to have a laptop and be at ease with it ;]

Bibworkshop03.jpg GREAT FUN, CABLE MESS
The images are from a workshop, held at The Radical Networks conference in New York