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Wordt gegeven door
Yoana Buzova

Naam Station
Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module
How can electronics, moving image and design come together? We will find out by creating a zoetrope machine. We all love animated GIFs; in this workshop we will take them out of the computer to the material world. Taking the pre-cinematic zoetrope (see: references) as a starting point and inspiration, we will design and build prototypes of various new zoetropes. We will get together a few Monday evenings, to explore an intertwine of moving image, design and electronics. The animations we will make may start from the computer screen, but will end up outside of it, becoming real, physical objects. So we will make a short, looping film by either drawing, modeling, printing, laser cutting, 3d printing or anything else that comes to your mind! Then we will connect them to motors and strobing light, and with the help of electronics we will create new variations of the original apparatus.

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module
The workshop aims at learning about simple principles of animation and at the same time getting a glimpse of electronics, prototyping and design. Students will be encouraged to think of methods to expand on the idea of the zoetrope and find ways to tangle it into current time. They will be able to learn trough making and build and test prototypes of their concepts.


– do research and work on a concept about physical moving image

– learn to combine and mix disciplines, create prototypes and improve them

– get familiar with basic electronics trough the process and how to use motors and light

– be encouraged to use the facilities of the Interaction Station to create concepts and prototypes for your animations.

week 1:
Breaking the ice – introduction and some zoetrope projects. Teaming up, brainstorming and start prototyping with the help of the little bits. Short introduction into how the little bits work and how we can use them to create a moving light object. Note: Taking spare time outside of the workshop, to work on the animation.
week 2:
Developing and testing all prototypes, working on the final animation and concept for the design of the object.
week 3:
Finishing the zoetrope prototypes, making video documentation of the animations and designs. Discussing who wants to continue to make their own electronic bits and move further from the little bits prototype.
week 4
If students want to go beyond the little bits. We make their own little bits and integrate them in the zoetrope.

Lesvorm Students will work in groups, so you could work on parts of the project you find relevant and build up teamwork skills. In each team, one student works on the animation, others on the electronics and someone creates the design of the actual object itself.


Zoetropes are objects, precursors to cinema. They use slits to produce an illusion of motion from a quick sequence of static pictures. The workshop aims to to provoke creative ways of mixing disciplines as well as old and new technology and thus come up with recreations of the famous machine.




Week: 02
van: 05 Jan 18:00 tot: 19:30
Week: 03
van: 12 Jan 18:00 tot: 9:30
Week: 04
van: 19 Jan 18:00 tot: 19:30
Week: 05
van: 26 Jan 18:00 tot: 19:30