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Lídia Pereira, Lucia Dossin

Workshop wordt gegeven


Korte beknopte omschrijving inhoud workshop

Now that you have learned some basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS, it is time to have some fun with it. If you have grown weary of passively navigating all the information in the world wide web, join ‘Browser Hacks’, where we will put that knowledge to good use by developing add-ons that will allow you to visualize who’s tracking you on the web.

Omschrijving inhoud workshop

This workshop is designed for all those who already know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and now want to creatively interact with the browser by directly hacking into it. Using the Mozilla Add-on SDK we will explore, in groups, the possibilities of browser add-ons/plug-ins in making visible who’s tracking us when we navigate the web. By the end of the workshop, you will hopefully be more aware of privacy issues and the importance of cookies for advertising agencies.


During this workshop you will learn: – how to go beyond the web page surface and use that knowledge to:

- create your own browser add-on using the Mozilla Add-on SDK

- what is a browser cookie

Voor wie?

Students of Data Design and Graphic Design, who already know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript