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Making soft sensors

Ricardo O’Nascimento

Interaction Station

In this workshop you will learn how to make a bend sensor and a button using conductive material as fabric, threads and yarns.

During the first part of the workshop is an inspirational part. We will show projects that uses the type of sensors presented in this class. The sensors can be used on interactive cloths, reactive objects and interactive installations. They are cheaper than the options out of the shelf and also more robust. Ideal for a low budget prototype.

After we make the sensors we hook them up to a computer to visualise the data changes using arduino.

At the end of the module you will learn:

– how to make a button using soft materials – how to make a bend sensor using soft materials – how to connect the sensors to a microcontroler (arduino)

The components which are used in this module are based on KITS made by Plusea. Pushbutton KIT: Bend sensor KIT:


30 euros

Voor wie

The module is open to students of all levels. No previous knowledge is required. We will embroider, if you know how to do it great otherwise you will learn it. Minimale inschrijving


Maximale inschrijving