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Yoana Buzova

Naam Station

Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving van de inhoud van de instructie

If you want to start working with electronics, or just wonder what are all the colourful small bits in the Interaction Station, then join us to get some basic knowledge about circuits and the most common components found in the Interaction Station.


You will get a brief overview of electricity; then we will move on to the basic electronic components, making small fast tests and learning their schematic symbols. We will see­ what is a circuit and how to understand schematics and other seemingly intimidating things surrounding electronics.

We will discuss what is a microcontroller is and other tools available in the station.


Meetings of 90 miutes, spent on understanding how electricity works, what are all the components for, how you can use these for your own art/design practice.


Group instruction



Voor wie

The instruction is aimed at anyone interested in electronics and who is curious by nature; also aimed at everyone who knows nothing about electronics or forgot all that they learned at physics classes.

This basics course will be very useful in order to attend other workshops in the Interaction Station and work there.

No specific technical skills are required, as this is a basics instruction.

Minimale inschrijving


Maximale inschrijving