LASER-CUTTER Finetuning – Plotting Possibilities

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Toon Koehorst & Jannetje in ‘t Veld

Interaction Station

In two afternoons you’ll learn how to manually fine-tune the laser-cutter to make the perfect time-consuming cut and some special effects to top it off.

The laser-cutter is a very delicate machine that is in general used rather bluntly. By tweaking the manual settings, the end-result can improve mightily, while saving time and energy. Join us in finding the holy grail of the perfect cut.

You’ll get instructions on how to manually tweak the machine to your own preferences. There is also room for trying out cutting exotic materials you bring along. By pooling our efforts, we’ll build up a nice database of materials and settings.


You’ll learn how to prepare a drawing in order to make it ‘cuttable’ on a lasercutter in the different types of software that are necessary for this process: a vector-editor like Illustrator and the propeitary software that comes with the device. More importantly, however, we’ll try to push you to experiment with your tools and materials.


lesson 1: Instruction
Introduction to the machine, how to use the Laser-Cutter and send proper files to it from the computer. How do you manually change the settings for Power, Speed, Resolution and focus?

lesson 2: Exploration
The laser-cutter is free for the students to experiment with and try out all the manual settings with available help. Students are also asked to participate in the building of a sample library with the settings they’ve done.

In a group

Kosten none

We are looking for students that are curious and have an investigative spirit, a certain pleasure in making something work is very very welcome.

No previous experience is needed.