Late Night Soldering: wind

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Wordt gegeven door

Yoana Buzova

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module

Anyone still complaining about the weather? How about try to make use of it?

Wind in Rotterdam…say no more.

Using this fact, during the workshop we will learn basic electronics and use them to create a wind powered object that becomes alive in bad weather.In short: we will make small circuits that will light up when it is windy. Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module

This course aims to get you acquainted with the basics of electronics and making simple circuits. A start in being able to develop ideas to work creatively with the medium.


Learn to: – make and execute a concept for a simple light object

- know how basic circuits work

- solder electronic components

– use the laser cutter and/or 3d printer if it complemets your idea


week 1:

- breaking the ice – intro!

- how circuits work

- learn what are parallel and series circuits

- understand prototyping and using a breadboard

- Ohm’s law

week 2:

- use a computer fan to create small amounts of electricity

- brainstorming ideas for the wind-powered object; making tests

week 3

- working on the execution of the ideas

- using the facilities of the Interaction Station (laser-cutter, 3D-printer, etcetera) to create the design of the objects

week 4:

- finishing the objects, testing them and working on documentation


workshop with a small group of students; learning by doing



5 to 10 e

Voor wie

workshop aimed at anyone who wants to learn basic electronics, especially students of Fine arts, Animation, Audiovisual Design, Product Design, Lifestyle, Illustration, Graphic Design and Advertising. No specific technical skills are required.

PS: we hope that your hairstyle is windproof.