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WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

The WDKA Riot Shield is a simple Arduino shield with a Microchip RN2483 LoRa transceiver module. The shield has inputs for 2 analog resistance based sensors like an RTDs (PTC/NTC) or LDRs sensors and the output of a LittleBit module(s). In order to activate one or more sensor readings switch the appropriate switch to the ON status.

python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 DevAddr NwkSKey AppsKey
python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 0177C80C 5B462C58B7A7DF9942D6B709858CA4C8 46F1EC6FE128EB2E62EB0A38B4E9A3A6


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