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WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

The WDKA Riot Shield is a simple Arduino shield with a Microchip RN2483 LoRa transceiver module. The shield has the following inputs:

  • 2 analog resistance based sensors like RTDs (PTC/NTC) or LDRs. The resistive sensors form a voltage divider together with a 10kΩ ground.
  • 1 electret microphone input using the MAX4466 as amplifier module.
  • 1 LittleBit input. The LittleBit chain needs to be separately powered through a LittleBit power module at the beginning of the chain.
LORA Shield with LDR and NTC
LORA Shield with LittleBit connected
python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 DevAddr NwkSKey AppsKey


[simon@aldeberan WdKA_RiOT]$ python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 0125E1DF D8D87836076B304D757D13F5C9FD50BB C0908620ECD3C54498FAEFF34E467F5F
writing: sys reset

got: RN2483 1.0.1 Dec 15 2015 09:38:09 ( 52:4E:32:34:38:33:20:31:2E:30:2E:31:20:44:65:63:20:31:35:20:32:30:31:35:20:30:39:3A:33:38:3A:30:39)
writing: mac get deveui

got: 0004A30B001B64F5 ( 30:30:30:34:41:33:30:42:30:30:31:42:36:34:46:35)
DEVEUI: 0004A30B001B64F5
setting channel: {'dcycle': 302, 'status': 'on', 'drrange': (0, 5), 'ch': 0, 'f': 0}
writing: mac set ch dcycle 0 302

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set ch drrange 0 0 5

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set ch status 0 on

got: ok ( 6F:6B)

[...] other channels removed for brevity [/...]

writing: mac set rx2 0 869525000

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set rxdelay1 1000

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set retx 3

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set dr 6

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set devaddr 0125E1DF

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set nwkskey D8D87836076B304D757D13F5C9FD50BB

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set appskey C0908620ECD3C54498FAEFF34E467F5F

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac save

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
[simon@aldeberan WdKA_RiOT]$

0004A30B001B64F5	18-4-2017 12:33:05	868.500	SF7 BW125 4/5	-106	5.8	33	188	2509003499990533


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