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Linux distribution installed: Ubuntu 16.04 (2017)

Partition made for machine learning:MachineLearning

  • In Windows: Disk Management -> Resize DataStorage
  • Create new ext4 patition

Mounting the partition automatically:

Get the UUID of the learning:MachineLearning partition

sudo blkid

Add partition to fstab:

sudo nano /etc/fstab
  • Add at the bottom these two lines:
  • UUID=(id of the MachineLearning partition) /media/interactionstation/MachineLearning ext4 rw,suid,dev,auto,user,async,exec 0 2
  • UUID=(id of the DataStorage partition) /media/interactionstation/DataStorage ntfs-3g defaults=en_US.UTF-8 0 0

Give writing permissions to new MachineLearning partition

sudo chmod -R a+rwx /media/MachineLearning/
  • Need extra space? Extending the partition

Other options:

NTFS fstab wizard:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config
sudo ntfs-config

Format large capacity HD with fs ExFat for having access to it from Ubuntu:

  • On Windows 10:
  • select disk '#' (where # is the number of the target drive)
list part
  • select part # (where # is the number of the partition)
format fs=exfat QUICK
  • automount external exfat drive in Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install exfat-utils exfat-fuse