Make a speaker out of thread and fabric

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Workshop wordt gegeven door

Ricardo de Oliveira Nascimento

Naam Station

Interaction Station Beknopte omschrijving inhoud workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to make a fully working speaker using only connective thread, fabric, a piece of magnet and a amplifier. This speaker may not be strong enough for a party, but then: it is totally flexible and washable! Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud workshop

The first part of the workshop is an inspirational part. We will show projects that uses the technique presented. You will learn how to design and make an embroidered flexible speaker. Leerdoelen

At the end of the module you will know: – how to make a embroidered speaker using conductive thread – how to connect the speaker to an audio source. * amplified circuit not included Referenties

The components which are used in this module are based on KITS made by Plusea. Embroidered Speaker: Kosten

15 euros Voor wie

this module is open to students of all levels; no previous knowledge is required. We will embroider, so if you know how to do that it’s great; otherwise you will learn it.

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