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At the Interaction Station, you will participate in two workshops, where you will learn to design physical interfaces.

An interface is in essence a shared boundary between two or more separate components of a system to exchange information.

This exchange can be between software and peripheral devices, but it can also be between hardware and humans.

In the first workshop, you will learn how to build a physical interface with the Adafruit circuit playground express.

The circuit playground express is a microcontroller that includes a bunch of sensors to detect motion, temperature, light,

and infrared light, and also has neopixel lights and mini speakers.

You will explore how these sensors work and how to create a physical interface that responds to human actions.

In the second workshop, we will focus on how to interface the Adafruit circuit playground with a program like Processing.

You will build a simple Graphical User Interface that is triggered by sensors or (unconventional) human actions.

1. workshop one

2. workshop two