Turn your wearable idea into a prototype

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Ricardo O’Nascimento

Naam Station

Interaction Station

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If you want to develop a wearable tech piece and don’t know where to start this is the perfect workshop for you. We will see what are the latest developments in this field and get in contact with technologies e techniques. If you already developed wearable pieces but got stuck in a project, you can bring it on and we will figure out how to improve it.

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud workshop We will talk about some of the options on the market today for prototyping your own wearable products. How do I start prototyping? How accurate are biometrics and location trackers? Why does my battery need to be so big? We will tell you about some of the many options available to designers and makers and tell you about their possibilities and limitations.

During the second hour of this workshop, we’ll take a look at ideas for projects from participants and show them how to plan a roadmap for development. More experienced participants are encouraged to share what they have learned in past projects.


– steps involved on the production of a wearable prototype; – how to choose the most adequate technology fora project; – design for the body. wearability.


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Voor wie Participants must have experience with product, interaction or industrial design, electrical engineering or hardware hacking. participants should bring them a product ( or artefact ) idea.

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