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Simon de Bakker

Workshop wordt gegeven


Korte beknopte omschrijving inhoud workshop

During this 3-hour workshop we will open electronic equipment and see what is hiding inside. What makes these things work and what else can you do with them? Can we hack them?

Omschrijving inhoud workshop

The devices we work with are getting smaller and smaller and their inner workings are increasingly opaque to us. Many devices are nearly impossible to open, and even batteries can’t be changed without super powers. But what makes these devices work? What actually is inside them, and can we use that for other purposes?

We will open self-brought electronic devices and learn to identify their building blocks. We are going to reclaim our ownership and see whether it is possible to hack them to do things its makers never thought of.

 - you will see all devices are built up out of a few building blocks

- you will be able to identify these building blocks

- you will no longer consider devices as mere blackboxes, but as possible uses waiting to be unboxed.

Voor wie?



Kosten & benodigheden

Bring your own device of which you want to know how it works. Do take in mind that we are going to open it up and potentially hack into it. It may not be possible to put it back together again or even work! Minimale inschrijving

Maximale inschrijving