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Why Food station

Because food is essential in all kinds of ways
Because food is communication
Because food is art
Because food is political
Because food is _____
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another Lathe

Week 2 / turn and engrave

The lathe was very important to the Industrial Revolution. It is known as the mother of machine tools, as it was the first machine tool that led to the invention of other machine tools.

Groups of two mensen

Group 1 + 2

  • Tests the base model, find Errors (toolrest?)
  • Plan new design
  • Build new design

Group 3

  • Carefully source vegetables
  • Research on the carving/turning desicions/concept

Group 4

  • Use the broken blender in the Station to build a "new" one.
  • Plan and draw out the blender uses and plan dips, sauses for the fresh turned vegs.

Group 5

  • Engrave vegetables/materials (use the laser cutter and the hand made disruption tools to experimet on food)

whaaat food innovation?

  • What do you decide to engrave on the food? Food as a publishing platform.

the dutch

Week 3

Finish Lathe and plan projects


a very recommended book [ Food Democracy CRITICAL LESSONS IN FOOD, COMMUNICATION, DESIGN AND ART]

a web talk with academic food guy Oliver Vodeb
Stefani Bardin
Enrico Ascoli
Rotterdam Based Eat Art collective
Save food from the fridge more about the project and a foodknowledge blog
Fermentation rack

Weekly homework exercises


Make a food disruptor using just one DC motor and a small electric coupler


There are 2 assignments .

Assignment One for the week 18-24.02 

Make a ceramic water-sealed fermentation pot
text fermentation more text on fermentation
We have 3 groups and each group will make a pot. You decide on the size and shape. All you need to follow is the functionality.
Make the pots before the vacation, and bake them after the vacation! That is the plan. Here is how the fermentation pot looks

Assignment Two for the week 25.02-03.03

Food Preservation Read the text I gave you. Media:Making time.pdf
Only after readcing the text, proceed to----->

During the vacation you will go to one of Rotterdam's markets (or any shop that has leftover vegetables or fruit) in the end of the day. That is when usually a lot of damaged or easy to go bad fruit and vegetables are just given for free or left to take.

  • Step 1

You will take whatever is either very cheap, or left for grabs.

  • Step 2

Since the taken fruits or veggies are likely damaged or soft or very close to going bad, there are two things you could do in order to make use of them. First, you could cook or eat them right away, or preserve them in some form, so they can be used gradually over time.
You will choose a food preservation method and apply it to what you have collected. The options are:

1. Dehydration (drying)
how to dry food at home

2. Canning
How to can stuff

3. Jamming

Groups + First Sketches

Jen+ Duncan
cooking with vibrator
dildo kitchen
follow up

Muz + Elda

thermistor example Arduino Thermochromatic paint

Leo and Adara tangerine splitter
Follow up, plannig

Olenka and Julian
the egg shaker ( try the lathe )
egg machines
Arduino & motor control

Anne and Han Han
hair straightner
Follow up, plannig


3 ceramic pot groups bake after the vacation

dildo dough
automated ideas
using iron casts as cookie/cake molds
Print press Potato mash
Lasercuter pasta cutter
tedious epectric toothbrush potato cleaner
The Thermo tongue :P
The Tangerine Splitter

Food Tools /DIY Instructions

Cutting Machines

slicer starting point

Food Preservation


Food dehydrator
Food dehydrator again:)
aaaaan another dehydrator


Fermentpot.png Fermentation crock ( water-sealed )