WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

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WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield

The WDKA Riot Shield is a simple Arduino shield with a Microchip RN2483 LoRa transceiver module. The shield has the following inputs:

  • 2 analog resistance based sensors like RTDs (PTC/NTC) or LDRs. The resistive sensors form a voltage divider together with a 10kΩ ground.
  • 1 electret microphone input using the MAX4466 as amplifier module.
  • 1 LittleBit input. The LittleBit chain needs to be separately powered through a LittleBit power module at the beginning of the chain.

Programming the RN2483

To get started with the shield the RN2483 LoraWan module needs to be programmed with the correct frequency channels, Device ID, Application Security key and the Network Security key. All these can be found in the iTalks interface. The application used for the current shields is called IASAPP and has application id BE-7A-00-30. In the devices section of the application in iTalks you can see an overview of the devices with Device EUI and Address. Clicking on the device will show the necessary keys. Make sure to program the NetwSKey and the AppSKey!

Programming can be done with the python script in the firmware/utils directory: https://github.com/mywdka/WdKA_IoT/blob/master/LoraWAN_Shield/firmware/utils/init_riot_shield.py

python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 DevAddr NwkSKey AppsKey

To do so remove the two red jumpers and connect a USB tot serial adapter (TTL not RS232!) to the TX and RX pin on the module side:
WdKA RIoT Arduino Shield with Serial Adapter attached


[simon@aldeberan WdKA_RiOT]$ python2 init_riot_shield.py /dev/ttyUSB0 0125E1DF D8D87836076B304D757D13F5C9FD50BB C0908620ECD3C54498FAEFF34E467F5F
writing: sys reset

got: RN2483 1.0.1 Dec 15 2015 09:38:09 ( 52:4E:32:34:38:33:20:31:2E:30:2E:31:20:44:65:63:20:31:35:20:32:30:31:35:20:30:39:3A:33:38:3A:30:39)
writing: mac get deveui

got: 0004A30B001B64F5 ( 30:30:30:34:41:33:30:42:30:30:31:42:36:34:46:35)
DEVEUI: 0004A30B001B64F5
setting channel: {'dcycle': 302, 'status': 'on', 'drrange': (0, 5), 'ch': 0, 'f': 0}
writing: mac set ch dcycle 0 302

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set ch drrange 0 0 5

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set ch status 0 on

got: ok ( 6F:6B)

[...] other channels removed for brevity [/...]

writing: mac set rx2 0 869525000

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set rxdelay1 1000

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set retx 3

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set dr 6

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set devaddr 0125E1DF

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set nwkskey D8D87836076B304D757D13F5C9FD50BB

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac set appskey C0908620ECD3C54498FAEFF34E467F5F

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
writing: mac save

got: ok ( 6F:6B)
[simon@aldeberan WdKA_RiOT]$

0004A30B001B64F5	18-4-2017 12:33:05	868.500	SF7 BW125 4/5	-106	5.8	33	188	2509003499990533


  • 2 bytes NTC (T)
  • 2 bytes LDR (L)
  • 2 bytes MIC (M)
  • 2 bytes LittleBits (B)

If a sensor is not enabled the corresponding field reads 9999.


Notes & References