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This is the draft page to work together on the AI / machine learning / computer vision plus week.

We talked about a broad outline of things, and have decided to make it a multiple workshop week, in which different aspects of "ai" are addressed.

So for now we have:


  • chatbot
  • generating images, Boris en Arthur / Judith?
  • wekinator
  • emotion detection using the IAS emotion detection kit for unravel the code.

In the next weeks, make this all more clear, and put names to aspects of this plus week.

  • Chief Theory : Arjen Suijker
  • Chief Art : Javi
  • Chief Wekinator workshop : Mike
  • overall Chief: Brigit

  • Monday: kickoff.

present the program. maybe we can have a reader? create wiki accounts for collaborative research?? ask everbody to bring a movieclip / something .. to talk about something interesting about AI

  • Tuesday: History of AI - Turing test -> workshop chatbot (Brigit)
  • Wednesday: Theory. Neural Networks / Data Forecasting (Arjen)
  • Thursday: Presentatie + deel 1 Workshop with Boris an Arthur + Javi Wekinator
  • Friday: Lecture Geert Mul en Florian
  • Monday: Maaike, cases value design
  • Tuesday: Jeroen Bouweriks
  • Wednesday: Verder afmaken
  • Thursday : Wrap up / Presentations

rethink this schedule ... let's get back the wekinator thing, and the art part earlier? more workshops in first week? Have Florian and Geert be there together.

Let's do movie screenings in the evening

  • Computer Chess
  • Sunspring
  • Existenz
  • 2001: a space odyssey
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • Blade Runner
  • Colossus: The Forbin Project
  • Demon Seed
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Her
  • Matrix (or Animatrix)
  • Metropolis
  • Terminator
  • wargames
  • Black Mirror - AI
  • Alphaville


  • westworld
  • resident evil
  • tron
  • Ex Machina

Text Elective:

Title elective: Chihuahua or Muffin? Sub Title: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Name leading tutor: Brigit

Short & concise content (max 150 words):

In 2014, a machine passed the Turing Test for the first time since it was developed by Alan Turing in 1950. The test was based in the question "Can a computer trick a human into thinking it’s actually a fellow human?". Even more recently, self-driving cars started driving completely autonomously without a safety driver.

The recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are opening up new possibilities but also presenting new challenges and ethical dilemmas. In this elective, students will be introduced to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a series of lectures, presentations, hands-on workshops and discussions. What is the current state of AI, and where is it going? How does a machine learn? And why must self-driving cars be programmed to kill?

Invited guest lecturers will include media artists and theorists Geert Mul and Florian Cramer.