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Ricardo O’ Nascimento

Naam Station
Fabric Station, Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module
You will learn techniques to integrate electronic components on fabric and to conceptualise and develop an interactive wearable piece. Each participant receives an Anomiomagic kit that allows to control four leds and make them react to a light sensor, among other features. All this without any coding!

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module

The participants will be introduced to wearable technology, special flexible and conductive material (conductive fabrics, threads, yarns and other soft and squishy materials), basic electronics and some smart materials as ‘El Paper‘, ‘El Wire‘ and thermochromic ink.

We will present techniques for flexible circuitry and develop together a soft electronic circuit with a switch and leds.
The participants should brainstorm and develop a working wearable piece using the the Aniomagic Sparkle Touch Kit which allows to control leds and sensors without any knowledge of programming.
Participants of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to bring their own old clothes to pump them up.

You will learn how to integrate light into fabrics and how to embroider a soft circuit.

The first hour we will look at wearable projects that use light as inspiration, and get to know some technology available on the market to apply lights on cloths, including the Aniomagic kit that will be used in this workshop.
The second hour will be dedicated to conceptualize and plan a wearable project to be developed.*
The rest of the workshop you will develop your ideas.

workshop, learning by doing




Week: 02
van: 08 Jan 17:30 tot: 20:30
Week: 03
van: 15 Jan 17:30 tot: 20:30