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This page explores the possibility of making not boring electronics. This is part of the Station Skill "Online programming Arduino"

Boring is good! Because it remains technical and rational. Art is bad, because it gets messy and messy electronics won't work. So work is boring? If you don't want to fall out of the sky in your airplane it is quite important there are boring people making things really flying.

So sometimes boring things are needed. But does this mean it has to be boring all the time?

One of the problem of arty electronics might be that you first have to understand the principles. Learning is ordering information. Ordering is management and is boring, making things work.

We need also "new" ideas. Somehow, boring and working things doesn't produce new ideas. New ideas often come about by doing things not the expected way. Thousand times this will result in a disaster. Maybe one time it will result in a new idea.

In this environment, online, on the floor we can experiment and try out the limits of electronics. Online, you don't even burn the electronics.

So this page and the pages linked to it will explore "creative" electronics - and try to explain the basics. For this I will use Tinkercad and Art History.

1. Let's start with a Mona Lisa :-) -

2. A woven "design" battery holder: