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Yoana Buzova

Naam Station
Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module
Getting to know electronics may be not as easy as it looks on all online tutorials and resources. But it is so much fun to do it with others!
That’s why in this series of workshops we get together and learn trough making.
First episode: make a light object!
We will make a lighting object from a bunch of leds and some other components. As simple as a led may be, it can be used in many contexts.

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module
The series of workshops that aim to get students acquainted with basics of electronics and making simple circuits. A start in being able to develop ideas to work creatively with the medium.
FIrst in the series – the lighting object.
Students will make a small led object from scratch and learn trough the making. We will see how to use it without any programming .
You will design and build a packaging / case for your prototype.
We will have a look at the possibilities to work with a microcontroller to control the light and animate it.

Learn to:
– make and execute a concept for a simple lighting object
– know how basic circuits work
– solder electronic components
– be encouraged to use the facilities of the Interaction Station to create concepts and prototypes for your lighting objects.


week 1: Breaking the ice – introduction and some led projects. Making light with the little bits and moving on to making our own circuits. Taking the light cube as a starting point, you develop ideas for your led object.

week 2: Working on the making! Lots of soldering fun. Finishing and testing the circuits.

week 3: Working on the packaging and final look of the lighting objects. Using the facilities of the Interaction Station (lasercutter, 3d printer, etc.)

week 4: We will have an overview of the possibilities when using a micro controller (Arduino) to control the light.

Workshop; learning by doing


simplest led project ever by Graffity Research Group

a project by Humans since 1982 studio

advanced led sculptures and the concept of lumigraphy


Week: 48
van: 24 Nov 18:00 tot: 19:30
Week: 49
van: 01 Dec 18:00 tot: 19:30
Week: 50
van: 08 Dec 18:00 tot: 19:30
Week: 51
van: 15 Dec 18:00 tot: 19:30