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Example circuits requirements

  • work on 9V battery but remain 5V compatible (for easy Arduino integration).
  • Breadboard build should be very clear. Use short wire bridges; as little loose bridges and dangling wires as possible
  • Use standard/similar colors (Red +, Black -, same signals same color) so circuit flow is easy to follow.

Example circuits



  • alternate blinking lights (astable)
  • monoshot (monostable / delay)
  • PWM
  • simple synth


  • LDR (LED lights depending on light)
  • NTC (LED lights depending on temperature)
  • Contact microphone (with piezo disc)
  • Electrect microphone
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • Touch sensor (resistive)
  • Touch sensor (capacitive)?


  • Beep (piezo)
  • Amplifier (LM386)
  • 10^0 LED
  • 10^1 LED
  • 10^3 LED ;)
  • Heat (current source (e.g. with LM317))