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Wordt gegeven door

Simon de Bakker

Naam Station

Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module

In this workshop we will be making an interactive installation for the Interaction Station. The installation will be based on the plotclock, a time plotting clock. Along the way you will learn the basics of Arduino, sensors, actuators and programming. But you will also learn what it takes to make an interactive installation run by itself (e.g. no laptops attached).

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module

Arduino is among the most widely used platforms for learning and prototyping microcontroller based electronics. It is this popular because of its versatility, while remaining easy to use and program. Because of the large user community, you can find an implementation example of almost anything you can think of. This makes the Arduino a perfect place to start your explorations in electronics, prototyping and interactive installations.

Taking the plotclock as a starting point, we are going to make an interactive installation for the Interaction Station. During this series of workshops, while building a plotclock, you will be learning about the Arduino., microcontrollers, about how to make something move and how to sense and react to its environment.

We will also be thinking on how to insert these clocks into a final installation (without your laptop attached) that will be installed in the Interaction Station. What do you need to take into account as soon as an installation has to work autonomously?

You know

– what a microcontroller and Arduino are
– how to make things move with an Arduino
– how an Arduino senses the outside world
– some very basic electronics
– some very basic coding
– how to apply this knowledge in actual situations

A clock that plots time


Week: 02
06 Jan van: 09:20 tot: 12:10
Week: 03
13 Jan van: 09:20 tot: 12:10
Week: 04
20 Jan van: 09:20 tot: 12:10