Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

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What is "Raspberry Pi" about?

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer, running a LINUX operating system.
Raspberry Pi, using sensors, can measure temperature, light value and switch on or off motors, lights.

If you have no experience using microcontrollers it is better to start with the Arduino. Getting started with Arduino

The Raspberry Pi can connect to the internet using a wifi stick.
Sounds on the Raspberry are of much better quality than the Arduino can ever produce.

It also offers HDMI output and accelerated video decoding, which makes the Raspberry Pi perfect to use for video installations.

Programming the R-Pi can be done in C or Python.
Most of the time for whatever you do, you have to install the required linux libraries.

Typically for wearables or e-textiles you don't use the only work with the chip of the Arduino (Atmega328) or even smaller (Attiny85).

Raspberry Pi


Where to buy (example)
with accessoiries, adaptor, wifi:

Raspberry Pi versions

Raspberry Pi model B + 512 MB (plus more USB ports, more GPIO, better power supply, four mounting holes, micro SD card)
Raspberry Pi model B 512 MB
Raspberry Pi model A 256 MB (buy the B please!)

Raspberry Pi's and sensors, led's, jumperwires etc


Interesting projects

Using a camera and a touchscreen:
making this into a camera uploading pictures to a server: