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General Links

  • Knitting and Datavisualisation [1]
  • Windows: Image 2 Track for using an alternative USB Cable and NOT Designaknit [2]
  • Knitic list for the lobotomy board [3]
  • Describing the parts of the Brother Knitter [4]
  • Adafruit Hack, this can be improved (simplified), see Image 2 Track [5]
  • E-Textile Summercamp 2015 Focusgroup: Geek Out Knitting [6]
  • knitting projects, techniques, patterns [7]
  • Japanese Knitting Machine site [8]
    • Link to translation of Japanese Knitting words[9]

Youtube instruction movies:

Powerpoint of Machine Knitting Course

  • Week 1: Single Thread techniques: Tuck, Slip [18]
  • Week 2: Double Thread techniques: Nordic, Lace [19]
  • Week 3: Nordic Special [20]
  • Week 4: Bends and Bubbles [21]

Knitting Machine Lobotomy

Getting the original electronics out and replacing this by a Due with a board with two ULN2803 to drive the solenoids of the Knitting Machine KH-940 is called knitting machine lobotomy.