Making Soft sensors and actuators

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Wordt gegeven door
Ricardo O’Nascimento

Naam Station
Fabric Station, Interaction Station

Beknopte omschrijving inhoud module
In this workshop you will learn how to make sensors using conductive materials as fabric, threads and yarns. We will make a fabric bend sensor, an embroidered speaker and a fabric button.

Uitgebreide omschrijving inhoud module
During the first part of the workshop is an inspirational part. We will show projects that use the type of sensors presented in this class. The participants will learn how to assemble two different types of sensor and one speaker using conductive material. Those sensors can be used on interactive cloths, reactive objects and installations. They are cheaper than ‘out of the shelf’ options and also more robust. Ideal for a low budget prototype. After we make the sensors we hook them up to a computer to visualize the data changes using a pre- programmed processing sketch (available for download on the website).

Getting to know wearables; soft materials, clothing that can make sound, light up or interact with its environment

Week: 49
van: 04 Dec 17:30 tot: 20:30
Week: 50
van: 11 Dec 17:30 tot: 20:30
Week: 51
van: 18 Dec 17:30 tot: 20:30