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Elective - Quill


Brigit Lichtenegger
Cesare Davolio


The recent developments in the field of Virtual Reality have not only brought us fantastic Virtual Experiences, but also new tools for creating art. One of these tools is Quill, a tool developed by Oculus Story Studio for illustrators to create immersive 3D animations directly within VR. Quill was developed while creating the VR piece “Dear Angelica”, which considered a key question: What do illustrations look like in VR? To answer that, the studio moved beyond traditional flat CG tools (Maya, Photoshop, etc.) and developed Quill, which allows hand movements to become strokes of color in true 3D. For the first time, creators of an animated film were inside their own creation, no longer detached from it and looking at it from the outside.

In this elective students will explore Quill as a tool for Storytelling, both for Virtual Reality, as well as 2D illustration and animation. There will be technical instructions to guide students in getting to know Quill, as well as feedback on the artistic creations students will make. This elective will be especially valuable for students illustration and animation interested in the potential of Virtual Reality.


Create an animated Scene with Quill.
This scene can be anything you feel like. An impression of your street, a scene from a movie, or a dream you once had.
You will then film this scene in VR to make a short 2D movie.

inspiration / examples:
A moment in time - Goro Fujita
The Big Lebowsky Tribute - Stefano Bagnoli
Scenes by Lea Peirano


Week 1 : Sketch


Drawing - Basics
exercise: draw the controllers with Quill
Tech Focus: freehand drawing.
inspirational movie of the day: Dear Angelica


Drawing - Lab
exercise: continue your drawing, and change as you like
Tech Focus: practice and played with what you learned so far
inspirational movie of the day: Battle Scar


Animation - Basics + Sound
exercise: disrupt your scene with something (bird, bouncing ball, weather..)
Tech Focus: bring life to your drawings using motion mocap and frame by frame animation
inspirational movie of the day: Namoo


Animation - More Basics and some advances stuff
exercise: have something in your scene react to
Tech Focus: rigging, grouping, puppeteering, keyframing
inspirational movie of the day: Gloomy Eyes

Week 2 : Revisit


Camera and Sound - Basics 


Use what you have learned so far to improve on what you did last week


Assignment time


Assignment time


Presentations with Brigit & Ces


Quill by Smoothstep

Watch content on Oculus TV and VR Animation Player!

There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube

A very good one to get the basics
Tutorial on cameras

and in general

Goro Fujita
Nick Ladd
A lot of classes on the Virtual Animation channel
Quill Discord Channel

Also check out these to get things working
Oculus Quest and Link Cable
Fix to Enable Oculus Software on Student Accounts