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This page offers a brief overview of design projects which are using energy harvesting principles. There are many applications of energy harvesting. The scope of this inventarisation is broadly limited to products and ideas that could be related to bachelor student projects, so the very big (wind parks on see) are not mentioned.

Art projects

These projects don't have the goal to be commercially exploitable. The projects are artistic research. The project can be esthetically pleasing, it can be humorous, it could be criticizing.

  • Getting energy from transmission of other cell phones [1]
  • Getting energy from heat outlets or wind from busses [2]
  • Getting energy from metro's in tubes [3]

Product design- existing commercial products

These are products meant to be used. They are tested, they even have a "design" aspect. This in contrast with totally technical looking products of eg conrad.
The products looked at for this research are the smaller products, which could be inspirational for WdKA students.

  • These IKEA products are using solar energy, storing it and they will light LED's. Ljusa, Solvind, Solarvet, IKEA
  • Wireless button for a doorbell, using muscle power OCEAN [4]

Energy harvesting games

Games are showing principles and inviting mainly children to play and gain experience.

  • Solly, Studio Roes, DDW2014 [5]
  • EnergyBugs: energy harvesting wearables for children: [6]
  • Paper generators, nano-energy, working with Teflon, Ivan Poupyrev and others. 2013 [7]

Product design projects

These are projects, start-ups from designers. They can have a goal to make the world a better place to live in.

  • Night Light of Rik Blaauw: a lamp for the night which works on pulling: muscle power. [8]
  • Soccket: A Soccer ball which charges itself while playing, [9]
  • Little Sun, Light for Africa: [10]
  • Cambridge Moss Table [11]

Fashion or textile related projects

In this category we find design for garments that have the claim or are developing and studying the possibility of charging cell phones.

  • Pauline van Dongen, research [12]
  • Tommy Hilfiger solar jacket, commercial [13]
  • Solar Fiber, catching energy from light through fibers, start-up [14]
  • Solar curtain, Aniela Hoitink [15]

City design projects

These projects are using bigger spaces inside cities like roads or pathways to generate energy. The solar panels that can be seen on rooftops or on the roof of the newly built Central Railway Station in Rotterdam show that the solar panels can be used absolutely functional (rooftops of ordinary housings) or in innovative architecture (Railway station).

Interior design projects

Using movement to generate energy. It could also be air streams, heat.

Energy harvesting Kits

These kits are shwoing principles for children and can be compared to the energy harvesting games. The kit lacks any game aspect and is meant for demonstration and experiment.
Page with descriptions and comparisons: [22]

  • 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit, simple toy applications, [23], [24]
  • Velleman kit EDU 02, more advanced electronic experiments [25]
  • SOLAR GENERATION KOSMOS, mainly a lego like box for building with a solar driven motor: [26]

WdKA student projects

  • City Square, Otske Pennin