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This page is showing knitting tubes with conductive thread.


Cones with conductive thread and normal yarn.


The tube is knitted on 5 needles. The E loop mounting is used for all threads.


Setting of the slider, with one of the part knobs set. The tension 8-10, depends a bit on the thickness of the yarn.

Rk12.png Rk13.png Rk14.png Rk15.png Rk16.png

The knitting is done only to one side, in a few tours, the tube is formed. Ending in tension 10 (maximum) and take of as usual.


With thicker yarn, the five needles are a needle apart.

Rk1.png Rk2.png

Measuring the resistance in a relaxed and a stretched state.


Sic examples and the values.

As can be seen the values are all under 120 Ohm. This is because of the kind of conductive thread used: the sticky metal wire.

See for more details on conductive yarns.

Rk20.png The tube which is stretched, will light up the LED at that side.

An example of a swatch using the variable resistance of the knitted tube.