Station skill: Generative Drawing Tools in Touchdesigner

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Introduction to node-based visual programming in Touchdesigner. Touchdesigner is a diverse programming tool that lets you process a wide array of different kinds of data. Allowing you to create links between different software and hardware in a fairly easy way.

In this station skill, you will learn a basic setup in Touchdesigner to create your own “drawing tools” and experiment with self-made animated brushes to create glitchy psychedelic drawings. This workshop will focus on basic channel and texture operations to get started and experiment with this awesome tool.

Workshop I

In Workshop I, participants will learn how to manipulate channels and textures, including referencing and renaming channels, merging channels, and arranging channels to create basic feedback networks. They will also explore how to use mouse input channels with the panel Chop and switch between channels.


Workshop II

In Workshop II, participants will build on the skills they learned in Workshop I to experiment with feedback networks and various TOPs (Texture Operators). They will learn how to reset parameters and create basic logic using the keyboard, as well as create toggles and use switches. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a strong foundation in using Touchdesigner to create generative art using feedback networks and various TOPs.

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