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This course will be done, made, filled by the students.
The teacher will provide the backbone and the students have to expand.

The students will work on a shared document:


This is a Logo4.jpg course!!!!


First part of the course

   Day 1: 08-05-2014, intro Twitter
   Day 2: 15-05-2014, intro Databases/Datavisualisation 
   Day 3: 22-05-2014, Twitter API 
   Day 4: 29-05-2014, Twitter research and visualisation 

Second part of the course

   Day 5: 05-06-2014, working on your assignment 
   Day 6: 12-06-2014, working on your assignment 
   Day 7: 19-06-2014, working on your assignment 
   Day 8: 26-06-2014, final presentations (and some info about the grading procedure) 

Facebook Group


The students will provide the content (see hackpadlink above).

WDKA description:
Closed hackpad document with backup course content:


Week 1:

Install LAYAR on your mobile phone.
Find the layar which shows the tweets around you.
Investigate what kind of messages are tweeted,
How much is retweeted and other properties which are remarkable.
How do you represent what you found?

and - work on the hackpad document - week 1.

Week 2:

Start making some graphs and diagrams in Google Charts. (You need a gmail account for this.)
Gather number data about tweets (eg using LAYAR) and visualise these numbers in several ways.
Investigate at least one topic in self tracking apps.

Week 3:
Experiment with Scraperwiki. Visualize results.
Experiment with other visualizing tools (could be the teacher's template)

Week 4:
Collect several visualizations which appeal to you. Start preparing your own research and ways to work.

See final Assignment Text
Week 5-8: Work on your own assignment!
Week 8: Presentation and Grading

Final Assignment Text

Given the possibilities of Twitter and your specific design interests you are invited to formulate your own project using Twitter and Visualisation. The project should contain elements of Twitter, text and/or images, and visualisations (Infographics, Datavis, Mapping). It can be done web based, but also can have a meterialisation, like embroidery, knitting, wearable, poster.
The teacher will moderate your proposal.
Important is to show your development and progress within your subject.
Example subjects:

   Selftracking using Twitter 
   Twitter in participatory design 
   Twitter Novels 
   History Writing using Twitter, compare to 
   Twitter Journalism, eg Narco Maffia in Mexico, compare in general to article of teacher in: (Mexico) 


   Mindmap around your idea - make a mindmap with different categories 
   Research part - what sources are you using and how 
   Technical part - what do you need, regarding software, search engines, datavis engines? 
   Formulating criteria - when is your project a succes? 
   Planning - you have to finish in time, don't make it too big? 

Results - These results have to contain

   Visual elements, datavis 
   Storytelling elements, text 
   Surprises - not expected observations 

You have to deliver a LANDSCAPE format pdf containing:

   Title: your name 
   Cover page: your most interesting visual result of this course 
   Page 1: introduction in your own words: what is this course 
   Page 2: week 1 results (from Dropbox) 
   Page 3: week 2 results (from Dropbox) 
   Page 4: week 3 results (from Dropbox) 
   Page 5: week 4 results (from Dropbox) 
   Page 6: Mindmap of your project 
   Page 7: project description, time path, criteria for succes. 
   Page 8/9/10: project results (from Dropbox) 
   Page 11: reflection: what did you learn, liked, disliked about this course? 
   Page 12: list of references (books, links, at least 5)