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Getting started

Map op the Open Area at the Interaction Station (floor 2 Wijhnhaven)

Before you can continue with the tutorial you were reading, you need to find a desktop PC with Ubuntu installed. At the Interaction Station you can find these PCs in classroom WH.02.110 situated next to the Open Area. All the PCs in this room have both Ubuntu & Windows installed.

Starting the PC

A desktop PC running Ubuntu

After you've found a PC, you can press the power button on both the screen and computer. After waiting a few seconds you should see a blue logo with the word BlueChip. After this screen comes another screen called the GRUB menu (when this menu appears, you need to interact with it within 10 seconds, otherwise the PC will start Windows automatically). Whitin the GRUB menu you can select the operating system (OS) you wish to boot in to. Because this tutorial is about starting Ubuntu, we will need to select Ubuntu in the GRUB menu.

To select Ubuntu, you use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move the selection bar. To go up, press the arrow key up. To go down, press the arrow key down etc. Using the arrow keys, select Ubuntu and press Enter.

Log in in as a student

To login, click on the user interactionstation and enter the following password: toegangstud. Congratulations! In a moment you will be greeted by the Ubuntu desktop. You can now go back and continue the tutorial you were reading.