Internet of Things

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NodeMCU with Arduino


A nice introduction to the subject by Dr. John Barret.

LoRa Network

The Interaction Station is collaborating in the Rotterdam things network. We even designed our own Lora shield...

Smart things

Smart home

  • Smart alarm
  • Smart fridge
  • Smart thermostaat
  • Smart lights
  • Smart copyright protection
  • Smart curtains
  • Smart leidingen
  • Smart batteries
  • Smart “dash buttons”
  • Smart schrobbers

Smart cities

  • Smart streetlights
  • Smart cars
  • Smart stoplights
  • Smart rails
  • Smart grid with smart windmills
  • Smart highways and bridges with smart cement
  • Smart parking
  • Smart sound monitoring
  • Smart garbage
  • Smart hospitals with smart schrobbers
  • Smart entrance tickets

Smart environment

  • Smart forest
  • Smart bodem (verontreiniging, aardbevingen, etc)
  • Smart air
  • Smart water
  • Smart animals

Smart wearable

  • Smart bracelet
  • Smart clothing
  • Smart glasses

Smart Enterprise

  • Smart billboards / advertisements
  • Smart supply chain
  • Smart compost
  • Smart greenhouses